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No Vacancy ~ January 9 -February 23, 2010
Photo: Nicola Kuperus “Higgens 10 Gauge,” Detroit.
Butcher’s Daughter Gallery

In a world that rarely affords the opportunity for genuine contemplation, art creates a space in which the viewer can momentarily escape the everyday. Regardless the medium or the message, the artist is responsible for every choice found therein. As such, the process of
creating art is anything but shallow, empty, or inactive.

There is no vacancy in art.

Art is basically made by dissatisfied people who are willing to find some means torelieve the dissatisfaction.” –John Chamberlain

“Discontent is the first step in progress.” –Oscar Wilde
Taken from the curatorial statement of Valaire Van Slyck, 2010

Exhibiting Artists:
Sam Bassett, Michael Bevilacqua, Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings, Erik den Breejen, Brock Enright, Jack Featherly, Jonah Freeman, Kate Gilmore, Andrew Guenther, Kent Henricksen, Sissel Kardel, Nicola Kuperus, Justin Lowe, Shannon Lucy, Dave Muller, Guy Overfelt, Tyson Reeder, Michael St. John, Johannes Vanderbeek, Wendy White, Sherry Wong.

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