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The Super Stiletto and the Heroine Heel

Topher Crowder grew up on the notion that ordinary guys could save the day. Just throw on that super hero leotard, and Poof! Bam! Pow!, there'd be a lot of saving babes and conquering evil going on. Well, it didn't take long for Topher to realize that he did not have anything in his own closet, or dresser drawers, that could ever transform him into one of the hero's he admired in the comic books. The large scale paintings (shown above), made from the frames of old box-springs slathered with paint, characterize Topher's adult obsession- the heel. Whether it be kitten, clog or stiletto- Women's shoes possess an undefined power we can all relate to. Inspired by his wife's shoe collection and hundreds of old fashion mag's, Topher vividly illustrates every fashionista's modern day power symbol.

You can view Topher's work at the Wayne State University MFA Thesis show, located in the Art Department Gallery.

Opening Reception: Tonight, Friday, February 19th, 5-8pm
Exhibit runs through Friday, March 19th.

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  1. Topher is a phreak of nature. These paintings are a bit of a departure from his obsessive ink work, but instead of obsessing over the fine line, he's compelled now to obsess over the bloated Pop Culture driven aesthetic of style over substance.
    One of the important ones in this burg anyway.