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Sausage Couture

Photography: EE Berger,
Hair and Make-up: Erika Broderdorf.
Set Management and Location Sourcing: Czarling
Model: Allison Vince
Skirt and Set Props: 100% Sausage Casing by Cristin Richard,
All Images are CopyRight of Emily Berger and Cristin Richard.


  1. Cristin Richard is one of the most important artists in Detroit.
    OK, I said it.
    Beautifully macabre, her fashion sculptures-or living/dead installation pieces, mixes metaphors on everything from sex roles to man's inhumanity to man, to fashion to the ultimate taboo-cannibalism.
    Working in a unique medium, she is an artist who ACTUALLY has something to say about the world.
    Just ask Gil Silverman.